Why hard water is bad for your plants and how to fix it

High-Flow Reverse Osmosis System Should I Use Reverse Osmosis Water in My Garden? Water quality is a crucial element to any garden’s success; whether you are a container and soil gardener, or hydroponic farmer, you know this statement rings true.  Have you had problems with nutrient lock-out?  Yellowing plants?  Check the parts-per-million (ppm) of the water you are using.  Many successful gardeners believe that using a reverse osmosis system to make pure, clean water, is one of the best things … Continue Reading


Hydrologic Small Boy

The Small Boy is an entry-level water filter that is mandatory for all gardens. It’s the perfect solution for an instant dechlorinator and ensures 99%+ removal of all Chlorine and sediment. With fast flow rates of 60 gallons per minute, this simple 2-stage water filter is the only way to guarantee that your beneficial and bio-extraction solutions will flourish. Maximize your soils’ beneficial micro-organisms with chlorine-free water. Don’t waste time waiting for it to bubble out, and make sure that it’s all gone.  Don’t … Continue Reading