Products of the Month Greenhouse Blackout Fabrics

Triple Layer Breathable Blackout Fabric If you grow plants that need extra beauty sleep, our blackout screens are double layered to provide more than 99.9% blackout (enough for the most sensitive plants). The Triple layer breathable blackout fabric is black on one side and white on the other to deflect excess heat from the sun. The fabric can be used inside the greenhouse with sliding and suspended systems for rolling applications, or it can go on the outside. Woven Black & White Non-Breathable … Continue Reading


Product of the Month – General Hydroponics Flora Series

Standing The Test Of Time Over the course of the past decade, the indoor gardening industry has seen an explosion of new plant nutrient manufacturer’s enter the fray. Indoor gardening stores went from maybe half a dozen major nutrient brands in the late 1990’s to somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty companies all vying for shelf space. With this drastic increase, the stores themselves have had to grow in size. The days of a successful store operating out of an … Continue Reading